Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


Ubud 😍 such a magical place. I, like seemingly everyone else, found my zen in Ubud.

There’s an unmistakable spirituality to this town that you feel immediately, and I enjoyed building on that throughout my stay.

This was also my first official solo trip (technically Alexis and I went to Thailand together, even if I ended up in my village alone).

Ubud was a place of contradictions. The town center was filled with tourists, Westernized yoga centers, gelato shoppes…Starbucks was definitely present, and the lines were just as long as they are here lol.

But then I’d follow a random footpath and end up in the middle of some rice paddies, with locals harvesting and children playing. It was like stepping into another world and time…with another one just a few paces away.

(And, the food was amazing. Nasi Campur all day.)

(photos by me)