Bangkok, Thailand


As a Black teacher in a remote Thai village, Bangkok was everything to me. My respite, my escape, my self-care. Lol! The city became my go-to getaway when I needed an escape from the slowness of rural life in the Elephant Village. Nine hours by bus (or 1.5 by plane, if I was feeling lavish) could place me in a real life “choose your own adventure” story. Looking at my photos, I’m reminded that temples are also a thing in Bangkok lol. But for those who live in Thailand, Bangkok becomes much more about the city life.

Bangkok was an escape into anonymity when I’d had too much of being The American in my village, under constant [loving] watch. That was tough for an introvert! I was uninteresting in the big city, and I needed that sometimes.

well, almost. Asians abroad often stop me for photos, idk what it is… lol!

I say it all the time: everyone should go to Bangkok at least once. If you have only $500 for a vacation, go here. The dollar goes unbelievably far in Thailand (when I was there it was 34:1) so Bangkok can literally give you your heart’s desires on a platter–whatever that means for you.

For me, back then, it usually just meant a night or 2 at a 5 star hotel (for like $75!) and lots and lots of comforting, familiar food haha. But $2-3 dinners are easily found, and good too. This is an amazing budget travel option.

this was my favorite place, the Plaza Athenee… Who was I hahaha

Bangkok also served as the meeting place for all the teachers from my TESOL program who were placed throughout the country. We had many reunions on Khao San Road, which is almost like the Bourbon Street of Bangkok–serving pretty specifically tourists. But it was fun, and I recommend it to anyone for some unforgettable nights. No, I did not ever see a ping-pong show #onprinciple.

the language barrier + the tourism strategy of just putting anything on a shirt/bracelet/novelty item in hopes of selling it made for lotsss of ???? moments…we thought we should bring one of them to her attention…

I’d describe Bangkok as Thailand’s own City That Never Sleeps, and I in no way do it justice here! I look forward to returning and doing a proper recap on it, just to be able to relive the experience again and again.

Bangkok, in a word, is awesome.

(photos by me)