Koh Phi Phi, Thailand: The Best Thai Island


Me at PiPi Viewpoint

Koh Phi Phi was such a treat for the eyes. Everywhere you turn, there’s an amazing view.




I visited the island on a girls’ getaway with one of my roommates from college, LV. The beauty of having traveling friends: nowhere is too far for a reunion 🙂

I hadn’t seen her in probably 2 years, as she had been jetting around New Zealand, Australia, and was otherwise east-coast based. Somehow, the most convenient place for us to meet up again was Thailand! Love us. ♥

(of course we had a photoshoot)

Different sides of the island offer different feels.  Some beaches are tranquil hideaways, while others are party-central.

We hiked Phi Phi Trail (spelled phonetically in the sign, hehe), and were treated to gorgeous views…and insane mosquito bites. Bring bug spray!!






We kayaked in the open sea, and nervously battled monkeys on Monkey Island for my iPhone.

True story. (I got it back…traded him for a water bottle).

We slid down mud paths in the jungle and shared a Coke with a local (when his promise of a friend with a boat in 15 minutes became an hour)…

Mai bpen rai, we made our ferry back to Phuket. 🙂



My surprise favorite place in Thailand.

(photos by me)


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